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  • GT Colorimeter and touch-screen tablet for spectrometer control and data review
  • The GT Colorimeter in the hard-side carrying and storage case
  • Grease Thief Colorimeter demo layout

Grease Thief Colorimeter 2.2


Product Description

GT Colorimeter - A portable, battery-operated, and bluetooth enabled analysis instrument that allows for accurate and repeatable measurement of grease color under varying pathlength and controlled ambient lighting conditions.  The grease handling features include four precision spacers, made from tool steel, that allow a specific pathlength to be created by engaging and squeezing the grease between a spectrometer sample window, and an opposing reflective flat surface.  A zero-space (0.000 inch) positioning spacer allows that calibration of the unit's grease pathlength function, followed by 0.035 inch, 0.010 inch, and 0.005 inch positioning spacers.  The operator can measure both highly translucent greases (0.035 inch pathlength) and very dark greases (0.010 inch) and conditions in-between, for comparison to a reference new grease.  Criteria for action, including follow-up grease analysis, can be generated with values that are grease and/or application specific.  An additional functionality is the QC evaluation, which allows for the development of a target color for the manufacture of new greases, and the analysis and plotting of results for batches to ensure conformation to expected product color.  This feature can also be used to trend batch variations that may be related to performance parameters, and other conditions such as grease aging in service, contaminant accumulation, wear accumulation, and mixing with other greases.

The control of and results from the spectrometer are transferred via bluetooth to a provided touchscreen tablet, with apps that allow for used sample comparison to the designated new grease reference, and the quality control (QC) app for new product evaluation.  Results are uploaded to a cloud-based database for trending, comparison, statistical analysis, and criteria evaluation, and report generation.  Battery operated spectrometer is recharged periodically by the use of a USB power cord.  All components are secured in a hard-sided case for shipment and protective storage.  The GT Colorimeter is equally at home in the laboratory and in the field, providing immediate information on the condition of in-service greases, or product floor quality control for process evaluation and improvement.

The upgraded GT Colorimeter 2.2 features an advanced colorimeter detector that permits both D50 and D65 light sources, and individual parameter measurements, including L*, a* and b*.  This can be used not only for grease analysis, but a new flat cuvette cell allows for liquid oil analysis as well.  Criteria can be developed for ASTM D1500, for an objective color analysis without operator visual bias or ambient lighting variations.  With the D65 light source, ASTM D7843 MPC testing can be performed as well.  Three instruments in one! Version 2.2 includes an improved Teflon disc to ease cleaning between uses.

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